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Control Your Health Record™ is an innovative, safe and easy to use software that securely stores your medical information, documents and emergency contacts.

The Need


It’s PREVENTABLE Medical Errors. It is estimated that 250,000 to 400,000 Americans die each year due to mistakes. That’s ONE person every TWO minutes.

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When to Use this System.

Family Records

Are you a caregiver or contact for a parent, sibling or other family member? Control Your Health Record™ gives you the ability to Take Control and manage your entire family's Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Emergency Situation

Most emergency preparedness checklists encourage you to travel with important documents. Control Your Health Record™ always has your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at your fingertips.

Dr. or ER Check-In

Don't stress over lengthy check-ins or new patient paperwork anymore. Control Your Health Record™ can email a secure link of your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to your Doctor or ER within seconds.

The Why

It is estimated that there are more than 1,200 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software products on the market. Control Your Health Record™ puts YOU in control of your Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

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Control Your Health Record™ has plans for individuals as well as families. Whether you are a family of two or a large family of ten Control Your Health Record can safely store and share your Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Control Your Health Record™ provides a simple and secure way to access and share student information with healthcare personnel in an emergency. This system also has the ability to track forms and parental signatures.


Control Your Health Record™ can organize and safely store your group, business or association's emergency contact and medical information including medications, allergies, conditions, and other history.

Safe and Secure.

Control Your Health Record™ establishes a safe HIPAA compliant and FBI encrypted secure link to share your information. We use Military Grade encryption to ensure your data is safely stored and shared.

More About Our Security

General FAQS

Simply click on the “Sign-Up Today” links on the web page or click “Pricing” at the top of the web page and then click on the “Subscribe Now” link on whichever subscription plan best meets your needs.
Go to control.health and click on the "LOG-IN" located at the top of the screen or click on the link in the middle of the screen called “Member LOG-IN”. This will take to you the login screen where you provide the system your "userid" and "password". Then click on "tap to LOG-IN" button.
There are two ways to log out of the system. The first way is from the “Home" screen, and click on the "Logout" button. The second way is to click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the web site and click on "logout".
EMTelink utilizes Rackspace data centers to securely host all data.
This can be accomplished two ways. After you fill out your medical information “Profile”, “Medical” and “Provider” information on your home menu, you may access your medical report through the Control Your Health Record® mobile application or by logging into your account and clicking on the “Report” button from the home screen.
Log in by going to the EMTeLink web page and clicking on the "Portal", located at the top of the main page. Once you've logged into your profile, go to "My Family", go to the row which has the name of the person you want to send a report on. Click on the "action" button and select "email Report" from the drop down menu. This will bring up a screen which will allow you to securely email the report to the appropriate entity. The secure email link will be available for 24 hours to them, at which time it will expire, however you can resend it to them by following the same steps above.
YES! Log in by going to the EMTeLink web page and clicking on the "Portal", located at the top of the main page. Once you've logged into your profile, go to "My Family", click on the "action" button and select "notify contacts" from the drop down menu. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to type in a message, and then select how you want that message sent. We offer two options, via voice call and email. You can select both options or just one, your choice. If you select voice call, the phone number you provide will receive a call from our automated system, which will read the message to them over the telephone.
First you need to purchase a “5-member family service". Once that is complete, when you log into your profile, you will see the "Main Menu". Click on the "My Family" button. You can then select the "Add New User" button. This will open a new screen for you to populate the family members account information. Be sure to let the family member know their "userID" and "Password" which you created for them so they can log in and fill out their profile.
Once you've completed the directions in "How do I set up a family member to use the service?" above, you can click on the "Return to Main Menu" button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the "Main Menu". Then click on the "Current User" which will drop down and click on the family member you’re looking for. Once you select the appropriate family member the system will change to their "Main Menu" page, and you can then begin to fill in the appropriate sections. You can then return to your profile by repeating the steps above.
YES! There are two ways of doing this. The first; they just need to log into the system and click on "My Profile” or "My Password", to change any of the information that they wish to change. The second way being, since you are the administrator of all profiles for any family member listed under "My Family" you have the ability to change their information for them as well, by selecting them from the "Current User" drop down, listed on your "Main Menu".
Although we would be sad that you don't want to continue to use our service to potentially save you or your family members life, all your data will be erased from the data center. Please consider that for only cents per day and for peace of mind that when you need the medical information, it's at your fingertips and seconds away!


The App is a FREE download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You have to become a member of Control Your Health Record™ first. Once you have signed up, you can use the username and password that you have created to then login to your account via the app.
The App is a secure way for you to store and manage your personal Electronic Health Records. It is designed to help you capture and then share your EMR with a physician, dentist, medical specialist, hospital, emergency room...and more. You can even use it to share your child’s EMR with their school. No more need to fill out paperwork over and over. You simply hit “Email Report” and enter the email address of the organization or individual you want to send the report to.
The App keep all of your personal Electronic Medical Records (EMR) secure in an encrypted database. Not only is this system HIPAA Compliant, it uses FBI encryption to help further secure your data.


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